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A youth, blinded almost by Junk Food diet

A Serving of fries of the day was combined to his main meal, with certain Chips, white bread and sausages: A young man is not blind because of his poor diet almost, he can hear properly. Until the Doctors realized what’s missing the normal-weight Teens, elapsed years, such as doctors from the United Kingdom reports in the “Annals of Internal Medicine”.

“In the media was referred to in connection with Junk Food much at risk for heart and circulation, Obesity, or cancer,” write the Physicians to Rhys Harrison, of the Bristol Eye Hospital. A poor diet can also harm the nervous system and, above all, the vision permanently, is less known.

The first visit to the doctor with 14

For the first Time, the youth as a 14-Year to his family doctor because he was constantly tired. At this time he was a fussy eater, but otherwise healthy. In the case of Tests, the doctor diagnosed an anaemia and a low Vitamin B-12 levels, he treated temporarily with injection molding. Also, the Boy was advise on a better diet. But he was considered to be treated.

As a 15-Year-old, the Teenager eventually developed a hearing loss, without that Doctors could not discover a physical cause. Shortly after, the sight began to wane. After he could see less and less, transferred him to his bewildered Doctors finally, with 17 to a specialist for nerve and eye diseases.

The doctors realized quickly, what’s wrong with the boy: His optic nerve was attacked. The cause for this, also this physician was but break. Neither the optic nerve was inflamed, still pressed something on it. A genetic test on a rare disease was negative. Only in the case of a laboratory examination of the blood, the doctors discovered a note on it, something which the boys really.

Too little copper, too little Vitamin D

Although the Vitamin-B-12-value of the then-17-Year-old is still in the normal range, other values, however, indicated a deficiency. When the doctor inquired of the boy, denied this, although the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs. However, he confessed, stay out of it since the primary school a wide variety of foods.

Instead, reported the Boy, feed it only from a daily Serving of French fries from the Snack, of a particular variety of Chips, white bread, ham slices and sausage. Directly this was him: With a size of 1.73 meters and a weight of 65.7 kg his Body Mass Index was in the normal range.

After the Doctors examined the blood of the young to further nutrient deficiency, which are not covered by default. Here, they discovered low levels of copper and selenium, as well as a significantly reduced Vitamin D Level. Also, the bone density of the young people was reduced.

Normal weight and nevertheless, essgestört

It is known that a deficiency of various vitamins as well as copper, could the nerve and thus the vision damage, write the researchers. That kind of thing that happened only due to a poor diet, in industrialized Nations, however, extremely rare.

In their article, the researchers assign the boy a new eating disorder: a avoidant/restrictive eating disorder. This was not to be driven is a relatively new diagnosis, in which the Affected is looking different than when it was skimmed from the desire to be as lean as possible, according to the researchers.

Often the disturbance in the middle of the Childhood, start when the children are of less interest for food and sensitive to certain textures and consistencies to respond, reports the physicians. As in the case of the patient, the BMI is frequently normal.

For the young, the diagnosis came too late: Although the Doctors were able to normalize its nutrient balance with dietary supplements. Right but he will never be able to again.