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7 Influencers to Follow for School Lunch Ideas

Packing a school lunch sounds simple in theory. But after the first week or so of school, you’ve used up all of your go-to school lunch recipe ideas and your kid is already complaining about the same old turkey sandwich and bag of chips combo you’ve been packing every day. So, what’s a mom to do? When you’re stuck in a school lunch rut and need some inspo, we suggest turning to the social media pros for school lunch ideas that your kids will be excited to open. Luckily, Instagram and TikTok have an abundance of moms willing to share their genius school lunch ideas with the rest of us.

You’ve probably come across Jenny Mollen’s famous Dictator Lunches while scrolling through Instagram, but have you heard of Jessica Woo or Rossini? We wanted to make things easy for parents so we compiled a list of our favorite social media influencers to follow for creative lunch ideas below. Take a look at our list, give them a follow and say goodbye to stressful mornings trying to figure out what to make for your kid’s lunch.

Jenny Mollen of Dictator Lunches

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As we mentioned before, you’ve probably already seen Jenny Mollen’s famous school lunches on Instagram but it’s worth mentioning again because they really are so fun. Yes, some of these require more work than a lot of us have time for most mornings but Mollen also incorporates easy ideas into her feed that require hardly any work at all. Just look at the adorable hummus plate lunch she recently shared up above.

Jessica Woo

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