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18 Mocktail Recipes So Good You Won't Miss the Booze

Nothing beats sitting out by the pool with a drink in your hand (though sitting with the shades drawn in front of a fan can do the trick too), especially when what’s in your glass is refreshing, hydrating and f,ull of flavor. Our fave summer drinks keep us feeling cool in the heat so we can enjoy the sun as long as possible, and that often means skipping the booze and looking to fruit juices and fizzy drinks instead. Combine those things together and you have a selection of family-friendly mocktail beverages that you can serve to your loved ones all season long.

These bright and colorful mocktail recipes are proof you don’t need alcohol to treat yourself this season. If you want something sweet and exotic to sip on sans booze, check out some of our favorite summertime mocktail recipes.

Golden Glow Mocktail

If you like lemonade, you’ll love this spicy, ginger-lemon drink that’s loaded with turmeric for a golden glow, and sweetened with honey and molasses.

Get the recipe from Half-Baked Harvest.

Baby Blue Colada Mocktail

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