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Kylie Jenner Just Revealed Swatches of Her New Sorta Sweet Eye Shadow Palette

UPDATE (JUNE 19, 2018): If you were wondering what "sorta sweet" could have possibly meant, Kylie Jenner just demystified all that on her Instagram today. After teasing the newest drop a few days ago with the black packaging, the beauty brand owner revealed what the inside actually looks like. Turns out, the nine-shade eye palette appears to be a lovely combo of what appears to be bronze and rose-gold shades (sorta sweet, get it?).

Kylie wrote "beautiful mattes and earth tones" and "a new neutral palette to add to my collection" on one of the slides, but didn't say when. But if you keep tapping through the story, she goes on to swatch the shades with a finger, so you can see how pigmented and buttery the powders are. Seriously, one pale yellow shade, seemingly named Buttermilk, comes off completely opaque when she runs her finger over it.

Head to Kylie's Instagram stories to see the action, and we will update as soon as we know when we can get our hands on this eye shadow palette that looks like the perfect summer makeup look fodder.

Another day, another piece of news from Kylie Jenner's beauty empire. This time, it's about a brand-new palette that she's launching for Kylie Cosmetics, and she gave a sneak peek of the packaging and a few of the shades on her own face on her Instagram story. The sneak peek comes during a shoot for the product, which we were given a heads up about from Instagram account Trendmood1. The palette, which is called Sorta Sweet, has nine pressed eye shadow shades, one of which Jenner modeled on herself for her Instagram story.

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The packaging for the palette itself is sleek and black and it comes in a box with gold accents, as you can see in the composite photo posted by Trendmood1. The sleek nine-pan Sorta Sweet palette features Jenner's now-signature drip art underneath a pair of eyes and the shade Jenner is wearing in her Instagram story appears to be something between a deep rose gold and a bronze, depending on the light she's in.

Without seeing more, we can't say for sure whether the palette is mostly within the same range of shades, like her Bronze Extended palette, or if it has a little of everything, like her Royal Peach palette, but hopefully we'll get another sneak peek soon.

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