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Chlorophyll, Probiotics Top Beauty Ingredients for 2022

Clinical skin care may have exploded during the pandemic, but new data points to a redirection to natural ingredients in 2022.

According to recent research from Trendalytics, the top ingredients for 2022 skew largely toward products from nature. “We’re continuing to see the blurring of the lines between industries: food and wellness, wellness and skin care,” said Sarah Barnes, content marketing manager at Trendalytics. “Brands in any of those spaces are branching out to create more of a lifestyle approach.”

Some of the top ingredients — probiotics, CBD — aren’t new, but other list toppers like chlorophyll are being driven by trends on TikTok. “The idea of ‘beauty hacks’ is really popular: people are saying sea salt spray is a miracle cure for acne, and chlorophyll is another,” Barnes said. “Last year, we saw the boom in vitamin C, elderberry and other natural ingredients that help boost immunity. Now, people are emerging from lockdown into society, and these are other examples of shifts in consumer demand and priorities.”

Here, see the top 10 ingredients for 2022, as ranked by Trendalytics.

1. Chlorophyll
2. Postbiotic
3. Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid
4. Bakuchiol
5. Winter Cherry
6. Volcanic Ash
7. Makgeolli
8. Tulip
9. CBD
10. Probiotic


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