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Pharmacist to check the daily medicines

Control must be – especially in the case of sensitive products such as medicines. "Every Patient has the right to proper medication. The quality checks in the pharmacy ensure that patients können&quot your medications trust;, Dr. Andreas Kiefer, President of the Federal chamber of pharmacists says.

Every working day is controlled in each of the public pharmacy a minimum of an industrially produced medicinal products. Each year, nearly 20,000 pharmacies, check that more than six million samples of these finished product to potential quality defects, and document this carefully. The pharmacist has reason to suspect a manufacturer-related quality deficiency, it shall inform the competent authority and the drug Commission of the German pharmacists (AMK). In the year 2018, the pharmacies reported that more than 6,500 suspected to AMK.

In addition to such medicinal products pharmacists also review the source materials for individual recipes. Before they are allowed to be used for the preparation of Recipe drugs has to be confirmed in the pharmacy, at least, that the substance is in the vessel, in fact, which is stated on the label. To do this, pharmacists often combine multiple methods, such as microscopy, thin layer chromatography, or a melting point determination. Be tested, the starting materials in our own laboratory, each pharmacy. For the testing of raw materials and finished products, the Federal chamber of pharmacists the pharmacy team guidelines and job AIDS available.


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