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Perfect for the G-spot: the UFO works-for good Sex

You want your love life to an Upgrade miss and, in the bed to reach for the stars? Then the UFO’s position.

Small Spoiler: a UFO position, there is not. Under the concept of positions and sexual activities are to be taken together that stimulate the G-Point in a woman – and you sexually in foreign galaxies to beam.

Why UFO?

If there is not a UFO-position according to scheme F at all, then why the concept of the rule of law?

Quite simply, as well as the existence of UFOs, as before, the G will doubt point. There are the hidden pleasure point really or he is just a mystery to men calling sexually out?

For the majority of women is, of course, The erogenous Zone along the vaginal wall, about two Finger-widths behind the Vulva-the entrance – exist.

The more the ladies can look forward to the inter-galactic lust kick, the UFO position promises.

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The UFO works position

Those who opt for a Sex Upgrade with the UFO’s position, has spoilt for choice: There are a variety of positions that stimulate the G-spot of the woman – and for a orgasm in the big Bang-Format.

The best positions for G-spot:

Lisa Adrian

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