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Blood pressure daily profile: What it says

To cardiovascular disease prevention to köcan, you should &shy his blood pressure values;know – and know how you in the course of 24 hours verächange

In the long-term measurement shows how dynamic the blood pressure developed

Sometimes the blood pressure is a very sensitive. Christa Brede, a medical assistant in a cardiology practice in MüMunich, knows this from experience. For example, if patients come to the office for a: "For some it makes a großen difference whether I it makes the blood pressure fair, or whether the doctor."

The doctor schießt the blood pressure to go up

The presence of the doctor and a bit of Nervosität köthe values can be in the HöHey. Then is of practice, hypertension or the so-called Weißcoat syndrome the speech. "Some people are perhaps, in practice, a little excited, uncertain, or füfear is a negative diagnosis from the doctor. The niederschlagen&quot directly to the blood pressure value;, erklärt Professor Wolfram Delius, an established cardiologist in MüMunich.

Blood pressure values are crucial Größen in medicine. They not only give information üabout the Druckverhätenancies in our Gefäßen, but provide information on the condition of the cardiovascular system. The person is healthy, the pressure to the Situation. He sinks in his sleep, he rises in the Sport. A stäfully erhöexcessive blood pressure means für the health in the long term nothing Good: A Herzschwäche, a stroke or heart attack, kidney damage or even dementia köcan be the result. But the values are too high, doesn’t notice the man himself.

The German high pressure League is da­of that, about one in three adults have high blood pressure. Then the Messger&auml shows;t values of über 140 to 90 mmHg (millimeters of Quecksilbersäule). Up to six million people are probably affected without even knowing it.

60 measurements in 24 hours

A blood pressure measurement, the doctor may durchführen, many pharmacies offer the Service. "In order to decide whether someone has too high a pressure, the medikamentös must be treated, not a single measurement but aus", Professor Bernd Sanner, Executive Board member of the German Hochdruck&shy says;League. Therefore, the values are determined several times on different days. In order to obtain a reliable diagnosis, köcan Ädoctors also recommend a 24-hour measurement.

Für this is a long-time measurement is applied to the patient, a blood pressure cuff, is usually on the left upper arm. A rubber hose führt of the cuff, to a Messgerät, the in about so groß is like a Federmäbargain. Because the cuff in the following 24 hours regelmäßig inflates, the Kleidungsstücke is not too tight. The hose is gef&uuml from the Arm to the neck;hrt, the Gerät hängt, such as a small handbag in front of the Oberköbody and is under a sweater or jacket, barely visible.

Days profile with Höhen and Deep

In certain intervals, the cuff inflates automatically: tagsüabout every 15 minutes, at night every half hour. The values that the Gerät determined, are automatically saved. In the course of 24 hours, about 60 measurements, which the Computer anschließend as a graph with peaks and Tälearning issues (see info graphic). "A blood pressure-daily profile shows much more detail, such as the pressure üon the day verändert", Sanner says.

It is, for example, visible, whether or not the Patient only, in practice, something auf­­excited, but otherwise healthy. In the long-term measurement, other and more problematic Ph&auml show;phenomena such as the so-called "masked Hypertonie". ­"The blood pressure at the doctor’s in the normal range, however, at work and in everyday life gefäa year erhöht", erklärt Dr. Ste­phan Lüfounder, senior physician at the St.-Josefs-Hospital, Cloppenburg.

Risks, make them visible

Für a study he and colleagues studied more than 1000 participants whose blood pressure in the practice of measurement in the "hochnormalen" The area moved Either to the upper (systo&shy was;metallic) value between 130 and 139 or the bottom (diastolic) is between 85 and 89 mmHg. Or both values were in these areas. Approximately every third participant h&ouml were in the long-term measurement, however,;here and behandlungsbedürftige values that would otherwise not have been discovered wären.

"These Figures correspond approximately with those from other studies on the Bluthochdruck", L&uuml says;ders. Affected häoften jüfor younger people, and there womöpossible großen Stress. "The are not always only a Manager, but köcan also package messenger, or factory worker."

Important: Self-Measurement

Many Ädoctors berüto be taken into account in the treatment of hypertension, the values, the patient self-er­means – you are considered to be particularly zuverläcasual. The importance of the so-called self-measurement für the Therapie­success is also demonstrated by a recent study in the journal Lancet: Pa­tients, in whom the therapy by self-measurement was controlled, had values, after one year, significantly better blood pressure. You should note that in the case of self-measurement:

  • When buying look carefully. The German high pressure League awards für particularly zuverläsingle storey Geräte a Prüfsiegel. A Üreview, see 
  • You can use the Geräts before you use erklären.
  • For the first Time on both arms to measure and compare. The value is on one side höhere, it should be measured after there.
  • Right Manschettengröße: The width should be approximately equal to the half of the upper arm circumference.
  • Pay attention to the Position of The cuff should be on HerzhöHey ­lie, the Arm does not straighten.
  • Sit relaxed, legs not überkreuzen, and you don’t talk wäduring the – this can also erh&ouml blood pressure;hen.
  • You measure once täpossible, before taking the tablets. Too hä- step measure.
  • Values document: organizations such as the German high pressure League offer their own forms dafür.
  • Self-measurements rät the High – pressure League high blood pressure patients and people ümore than 50 years. As normal the pressure, if it is below the limit of 135/85 mmHg.

Important: The daily record

Long-term measurements should be made on a möas possible normal day durchgefübe hrt. Für is a realistic picture, they are in the usual everyday life is important, even in stressful moments. "Driving a car about gehört für many of the classical Stress-Situa­tions – the way to work one recognizes in the course of a day, often very deutlich", Sanner says.

Also in the Büro is the blood pressure in the H&ouml can;Hey fast. For example, if there is a conflict or something has to be fast. On the weekend, such moments are missing in the log. The blood pressure may look sometimes better than it is actually.

Eyes in the night hours

The night hours are for the long-term measurement für doctors especially interesting. "In sleep, many other factors of influence on the blood pressure ausgeschaltet&quot are;, erklärt Sanner. If the tension of the day gives way and the person recovers during sleep, also decreases the blood pressure.

In Healthy, the values lie in the night of about 10 to 20 percent lower. This effect doctors &quot call;Dipping", which means as much as reduction. In the long-term measurement, a clear Drop in the curve, then, is to recognize. If the Dipping is hardly visible or the values are not as high as in the day, mostly as a warning. For example, the risk is für a stroke erhöht. Sometimes also so-called Schlaf&shy are;apnoea, in which breathing during sleep suspends, temporarily, the cause für high blood pressure.

Sleep in spite of Pumpgeräuzh

So important is the likes of long-time measurement, some of the patients feels uncomfortable to you. Initially, stöyou ren the Pumpgeräcartridges or the Engegefühl on the Arm. But verläreliable Alternatives are not yet – new methods of measurement, without the cuff, have not yet been tested sufficiently.

Also in the case of the measurement at home or in the practice of the Gew&ouml is;rebellion is sometimes crucial. When patients come into the practice, läthe receptionist Christa Brede sst you before the cuff has been enough time for at least ten minutes. And if the values still ungewösimilar to high, for example, because the doctor measure? Then the measurement is repeated. Or the doctor verlässt the room: "This can reduce the blood pressure value and sometimes spontaneously."

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